10 things you might not know about me


Just a little bit about me...

1. I basically live to be in some form of water - ocean, lakes, freezing cold mountain rivers
2. If you get me tipsy I’ll probably start doing handstands in the street
3. I lived in Spain for a year right out of high school and am fluent in Spanish, but am embarrassed at the fact that I still can’t roll my rrrr’s and don’t speak it as much as I want to
4. I hated babysitting growing up and was deathly scared of holding babies until I had my own. I did not think I was ready to be a mother when I got pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago, but have been so pleasantly surprised at how much I love raising tiny humans
5. I majored in math in college, but have been so content using a different part of my brain and focusing more on writing, exercise/yoga and health coaching. I love nerdy science so I get to merge that into my coaching also
6. I always was in love with cats growing up, but ever since I listened to a podcast on how toxoplasmosis in cat’s feces hijacks your brain and makes you be obsessed with them, I became more a dog person
7. I can easily get into research rabbit holes that I get so obsessed with that my husband has to pull me back out into reality (especially when it comes to knowing what’s best for my kids) 
8. I grew up in a house run completely solar power and its own source of spring water
9. I’m so great at helping others with their sugar addictions, but feel at a loss at how to get my daughter away from asking for sweet things 24/7
10. My husband and I joke that we will only live in strikingly gorgeous locations - from our mountainous hometown of Quincy, Ca to Alaska, Big Sur, Kauai and now Lake Tahoe ⛷️

Your turn! What's something a lot of people don't know about you?