30 Days to a Happy Gut Course Modules

i think of our gut as a garden

We'll be taking the bacteria in your gut from this..

We'll be taking the bacteria in your gut from this..

To this...

To this...



I’ve broken down this course into 4 modules:


Module 1: Committing to your WHY & understanding the science behind a gut health protocol

In this week we’ll get crystal clear on what goals you have that inspired you to sign up for this program. Rooting our work in the motivation of what we truly desire to change about our health will allow for us to commit fully to the process, no matter what comes in our way.

In these 7 days, we will be diving into what a gut health overhaul entails and we’ll be gearing up to “weed” our garden by coming up with meal ideas and simple swaps that we can take to make this transition.

Module 2: Starve out the weeds!

Now that we have you committed to this process with a full understanding of why we need to temporarily cut out some foods from our diet, we’ll be working on weeding out refined sugar, alcohol and highly processed starches from our meals. This is when the support system of the group is best, as bad bacteria like to hijack our brains and create cravings.


Module 3: Cultivate and fertilize the soil

Now that we’re able to create space in our gardens by ripping out those weeds, we want to make sure that the lining (soil) of our gut is as strong and healthy as possible. We’ll be discussing what foods we can eat to encourage this process and the massive benefits we can reap when we have a fortified gut.

Module 4: Spread the good seeds

In this last week we will focus on planting diverse and thriving gut flora into our system. We’ll dive into how to introduce probiotics so that they will actually stick around and how to make sure we are also getting enough prebiotics (food for probiotics) so that they grow and can fend off the weeds on their own!

[My biggest insight for this course was] the whole metaphor of your gut as a garden, and how to starve out the “weeds” before planting the right kind of things. Probiotics versus prebiotics, lectins, anti-inflammatory foods. There is such a wealth of knowledge here that I feel I am only scraping the surface and will return to the information for inspiration when I am feeling stuck. If you are on the fence about this program, invest in yourself. You are worth it.

The focus on this course is truly on health rather than some gimmick or fad diet/product or strenuous workout routine.
— Brenda Lory