A Belly Birth is a Birth Too

belly birth.png

As I looked down at my c-section scar in the bath the other day

I thought about the years that I had such shame around that scar...the times where I couldn’t even touch it, the locked trauma that I felt in that scar, the birth story that went awry

Yes, maybe this sounds so intense just for a four inch scar

But my experience in motherhood put weight on things like that, that I was robbed of bringing my baby into the world the “right way”, of not being able to set her gut health up right…

I felt like a victim to the system

And now, two c-sections in, I look at that scar with pure love. I say thank you to the experiences. I massage it, use my yoga balls to break up the fascia so that it doesn’t look like such a staple in my lower abdomen.

Having the second c-section allowed me to see that I actually can’t have a natural birth. And now I have more gratitude for the fact that we can have c-sections, a life saving procedure that I used to take for granted.

As I was looking for an image that I had seen on social media before about belly births, I came across a bunch of propaganda from a group called Disciples of a New Dawn, shaming c-sections and saying that “Chemical dependency is not excuse for lazy parenting” (wtf?)

What an ignorant agenda. Let’s not let our #firstworldproblems forget something very important:

Yes, c-sections are performed way more often than they should be, but THEY SAVE LIVES

Oh, and don’t google the group mentioned above, that will just boost their algorithm. Instead, share this post.

It’s crazy what perspective and gratitude can do towards healing our physical body

So, here’s to all the belly birth mamas out there… don’t let others’ stupidity ever make you feel like you aren’t a warrior goddess

Photo credit @heatherbayphotography