From Chaos to Clarity MAstermind: Detox your body, thoughts, habits and relationships


A self-study program where we dive deep into how to cut ties with toxic elements of your life and uncover your dormant power.


This powerful course includes three modules of Coral's trainings complete with journal prompts, meditations and specific tools to clear toxic clutter from your life starting today. This is a course designed to inspire you to take action on elements of your life that keep you stuck.

This is not a live program, it is available for you to start and work through at your own pace any time. 

Each module takes 10 minutes or less. I know what it's like to be crazy busy. I'm all about efficiency while working on self development!

"A big insight that I was was able to reconnect with during this group seems so obvious; I have the power to create my reality... I had lost that insight somewhere along the way. I haven't experienced any programs like this. I really loved the guided meditations and yoga. " - Sarah Terman

"I joined this program knowing that my life was paralleling that journey from chaos to simplicity and clarity. I like that you offer tools- mindset, visualization, meditation- Often living in a chaotic life can be overwhelming and tools can be so helpful. I love that these techniques keep in mind the varying learning styles of your clientele." - Janet Rudholm

"I just wanted to say Thank YOU! I really enjoyed the course and I encourage you to do more like that. Id sign up for workshops again for sure. I loved that it was on my own time and that there was journaling and videos to guide me. I loved the meditations after too. It was a great flow and amount of time for each module. I've struggled with self care and toxic thoughts and this program helped me get self care as more of a habit and to recognize my toxic thought patterns and think about how to change and put it into action. I loved module 3 where we crossed off limiting beliefs. It's powerful to see those beliefs and then see them replaced with something empowering." - Jen Ready