Give your kid's gut a break:
A 4 day challenge with nourishing gut health hacks for the whole family

May 23-26


Do you and your kids need a gut health reset??

You may have heard a little about the importance of gut health in today's age.
Our kids are showing less and less diversification of beneficial gut bacteria, which can lead to a slough of health issues including, but not limited to:

  • allergies

  • eczema/acne

  • chronic inflammation

  • digestive issues

  • reflux

  • uncontrollable sugar/carb cravings

  • brain fog


  • obesity

  • autoimmune diseases

Everything from antibiotics, pesticides, high c-section rates, less time in the dirt, industrial farming and pharmaceutical drugs can contribute to more harmful bacteria in the gut, disrupting our body on multiple levels. 

Do your kids gravitate to cereal, crackers and pasta all day long??


Do they ask for sweet snacks over and over until you give in??

It's not their fault. Bad bacteria in our gut run the show on those cravings, and until we can start to balance their gut health, the viscous cycle continues. Let's help them better their gut health!

How confident do you feel about the nutrition density of the foods your kids eat??

Learn about which foods contribute to a happier gut, and easy substitutions that your kids may love!

Day 1: Swap out funky snacks that feed on bad bacteria with nourishing, yummy alternatives

Day 2: Slyly introduce collagen-rich foods

Day 3: Fuel Beneficial Bacteria - fermented foods and the role of probiotics

Day 4: The controversy around grains


  1. Those dates don't work great for me...

    Even if you can't participate in the challenge live, you will have access to all of this content at your convenience, for just $7!

  2. What if I don't have kids?

    This information will be beneficial to anyone, whether or not you have kids.  We ALL could use a gut health reset.

  3. Will this help me or my husband out too?

    Yes, definitely. When I started a gut health regimen for my daughter, I only half followed along and I noticed huge differences in my health. Not to mention it's what finally kicked the stubborn 10 lbs of baby weight that I still had to lose.

  4. Will my kids be throwing fits the entire time?

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well your kids will take to some of these foods, as they are yummy and gut nourishing. You know your kids best, so you will have to gauge how to swap some of these foods with as little breakdowns as possible.

Who this is for...

Anyone who has an open mind and wants to be learn more about the importance of gut health. Anyone who is ready for little tweaks in their diet to get everyone in the family  working towards more diverse good gut bacteria

Who this is  not for...

This challenge will not fit your lifestyle if you are vegan. We will be introducing collagen to strengthen and fortify the gut, which unfortunately can only be obtained from animal sources (marine animals work if you are pescatarian).