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It take GUTS  to Get Healthy

30 days to a happy gut, a clear head and your skinny jeans

If I were to hand you a marker right now, would you check off any of these boxes?

  • Did you take too many antibiotics in your lifetime?

  • Do you have belly weight you can't shake off?

  • Are you trying to lose weight on the fast track?

  • Do you have inflammation in your body and can't find the cause?

  • Do you feel like you have brain fog or difficulty concentrating on tasks?

  • Are you pregnant and want to set your baby up for a lifetime of good health?


if you said yes to any of these, this program is for you

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I'm Coral Dunbar, an NASM Women's Fitness Specialist and Wellness Coach. My daughter developed gut issues following antibiotics as a newborn and as I healed her gut, I have been able to teach others the importance of gut health and how to easily nourish a flourishing digestive tract (it takes far more than just a probiotic pill)

My daughter was constantly bloated, with a distended, hard tummy after eating certain foods. Thanks to a short term gut health protocol that I put her on, the bloating doesn't occur anymore. I'm am diversifying her gut bacteria and nourishing her body in the right ways and I would love to share what I've learned with you.

Just one round of antibiotics will alter the state of your microbiome (all the bacteria in your body) for the rest of your life. Couple this with antibiotics in meat as well as pesticides and toxins that we encounter and we have a recipe for poor gut health.

Introducing… 30 Days to a Happy Gut, a virtual group program including:

  • an understanding of the science behind the role of our microbiome

  • a real grasp on how to incorporate a gut health protocol

  • how to include probiotics to your diet in a way that they'll stick

  • deep mindset work/meditations to keep you on motivated and on track

  • meal ideas

  • craving hacks

  • online support community

* You will not be required to purchase supplements to be a part of this program. Instead, I will show you ways to incorporate a gut health protocol with whole foods. I am not affiliated with any MLM or company, I am simply sharing my lifestyle tips with you.

That Coral is a wealth on info and teaches graciously, plus is realistic about what you can accomplish! She is much more personal with each participant than I’ve experienced in any other program.

I’ve noticed significant emotional, physical and mental changes throughout this program and my expectations were exceeded!!
— Molly Millikin


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