This post may trigger you...


This post might trigger you. You may decide not to follow me after this, which is why, up until today, I've always thought I would never ever share this publicly. I was afraid that because I ran a mom's workout group, people would stop coming to class and would want to steer their kids away from mine.


But, something inside has been telling me its time to talk publicly about this subject. I've been putting it off, but in this moment of reckless bravery, here I go...


I don't vaccinate.


The risks for me, at this time, outweigh the benefits.


The incurable epidemecs of our modern times are cancer, diabetes, autoimmune...and yes autism.


I'm not afraid that we would lose as much as the population to these acute childhood illnesses and we do to cancer alone. The current statistic of contracting cancer in our lifetime is 1 out of 2. I don't even want to dwell on the nightmare of receiving that diagnosis for a child, and if you that’s you mama, you are so strong.


I will avoid everything that might be causing my kids cancer, and there is overwhelming evidence that ingredients found in vaccines are carcinogenic. Most are injected in conjunctively untested amounts straight into the bloodstream, which means it cannot be filtered out by the liver.


I also know how much our gut health affects our overall systems, and vaccines are a known gut disruptor. This, along with family history, was a reason why my daughter was able to receive a medical exemption.


And yes, I do think vaccines are one of the many contributiors to autism. I’ve heard enough testimonies of moms who said their kids were NEVER the same again after a round of vaccines.


But I didn’t post this to line out all of my reasons, I posted this to bring a different conversation to the table.


I believe in using technology to protect us from deadly diseases. I believe in immunizing. But I don’t trust the safety of our current vaccine schedule. I especially don't trust the authorities in charge of our children's health.


I’m not interested in turning this thread into a debate. There are plenty of places that you can cram your ideas down someone’s throat. If you don’t agree and don’t have anything nice to say, keep scrolling...or just unfollow me... #byefelicia


But, if you want to look into the promising studies behind nanopatches, homeoprophylaxis or any other alternative options, I am more than willing to have a conversation.


I’m interested in switching the focus away from tearing at each other's throats about this difficult decision.


If you’re ready to start talking about what we can do to create safer vaccines, then let's brainstorm. If you want to discuss the best ways to protect our kids from the diseases of today, then I’m all ears.


Let me know when you're ready to start the real conversation.