If you claim that your child was injured by a vaccine, I believe you mama

No, I am not trying to spur a discussion on whether to vaccinate or not. Please leave those opinions elsewhere, there are plenty of threads where you can debate that through and through


If your mama bear instincts say that your child was never the same after receiving shots, I trust your gut feelings wholeheartedly.

It’s so hard to be a mom. It’s isolating, scary and expectations are sky high. The last thing we need is to be pushed into a corner for speaking out about a taboo subject. The last thing we need is to push each other down or silence our thoughts because of what the media and society has to say.

It is completely accepted that people have allergic and even deadly reactions to penicillin and other pharmaceutical drugs, yet it’s not a possibility that a certain subset of the population reacts negatively to the ingredients of immunizations? What’s wrong with desiring more safety testing on vaccines, or more studies on the effects of multiple vaccines at an early age? The vaccine schedule looks vastly different now than it did when I was born in the 80’s.

No, I personally do not have a vaccine injured child. But if I watched the spark leave my daughter’s eyes and get replaced by a dull presence…

I would feel robbed of a life for my child

I would be pissed at the system

I would feel isolated and unsupported

I would feel scared to tell the world what I truly believed

Just the thought of being in this situation puts me in a downward spiral of dark emotions…


If this is you mama, you are so fucking strong.

If this is you, I send you endless love, support and understanding.

I believe you.