I’m 7 months pregnant and just hit my pre-pregnancy weight

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Yesterday the scale read 160 pounds, and I had to lean over my protruding belly to read it.

I was blown away, I started this journey into motherhood at this weight.

I didn’t consider myself “overweight” at the time, in fact my 5’6” body does an amazing job at dispersing weight evenly between all my curves. I loved my body when I got pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago. I knew I had packed on some extra pounds from an indulgent summer in Alaska, but I wasn’t worried at the time about being able to slim down again.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I remember looking in the mirror at my unblemished tummy, wondering if I would get stretch marks or if it would ever look flat-ish again. I thought all hope of being a smaller size was down the drain and I honestly spent months mourning the dreaded loss of my “body”.

After I had my daughter, I felt for almost a full year that I would never have my body back, not even to my pre-pregnancy weight. I didn’t recognize the shape of my tummy, I hated the way my inner thighs rubbed together in the summer heat and I searched for loose shirts that hid my belly fat.

But then I found a workout group that inspired me and that the pounds started melting off, slowly but consistently. I surrounded myself with other moms, which helped me feel sane again (which does affect weight loss!) I knew from that past that cutting down on sugar helped me shed bloat, so I weaned myself off of that as well.

Fast forward to this January and I found myself coaching other moms through their postpartum weight loss journey, leading kickass fun workouts and feeling the strongest I’d felt since high school soccer. I’d spent the last few years diving deep into my physical and emotional transformation, educating myself on fitness and nutrition and finding my groove.

I was in the middle of one of my 6 week Sugar Detox’s when we found out we were pregnant again. The idea of being pregnant on a sugar detox (plus I was cutting out gluten) scares the daylights out of some people, but it was honestly the best thing to get through the first trimester.

I didn’t feel the same overwhelming exhaustion, didn’t need to nap the days away and still felt my natural energy. The morning sickness was still there, but this sweet baby graced me with way less nausea. As soon as the group detox ended, I started eating sugar and gluten again, the energy roller coaster immediately started and I felt those overwhelming periods of energy loss. It was so telling, and I have since worked on cutting my overall sugar intake and working on setting this baby up by focusing on my gut health.

I’ve gained about the same amount of weight so far with this pregnancy, it’s just drastic how much the starting point has made a difference in the ease of this pregnancy. Instead of seeing pregnancy as a reason to eat sour gummy worms and stop exercising (as I did with my first), I see this as a time of preparation.

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