I'm learning to be a better dog mom


I'm learning to be a better dog mom


I have to admit (although I'm not proud to) that it really took me years to truly fall in love with this girl


I never had a dog growing up, I was always more of a cat person. So when my husband was hell bent on getting a German Shepherd puppy for our daughter's first birthday, I literally had no idea what I was getting into. I thought a puppy would be cute and cuddly and just a little harder than having a kitten.


She was a lot harder. She woke me up more at night than the baby, she had razor sharp teeth and would chomp on Adelyn's legs, her litter all had giardia and other parasites so she had no control of her poop. I had many breakdowns cleaning up poop off the floor.


She listened to my husband, but not to me for a while. I didn't feel like I had control over her. Luckily that has drastically changed and we've worked on our relationship a lot.


I felt so guilty for not loving her right away. I felt bad when people would post about how much they loved their dog, and I didn't. Addi always came first, and I hate to admit that she just felt like an extra headache to me. I forgot about her sometimes, I resented her sometimes, I was embarrassed when I couldn't get her to stop barking or dropping drool laden sticks in my friends laps.


Now, she's three and a half and such an amazing companion. I'm learning to appreciate her more and more every day, but it was not love at first sight for us.


I owe so much to my parents for helping us train her into the obedient dog she is now. And she has always had the sweetest disposition, something we are so grateful for.