Kid-Friendly Exercises

Need to squeeze your exercise in while watching your kids? Make it a super fun activity for both of you, and show them that exercise can be such a blast from an early age!

Grab a chair at home and try out this quick workout šŸ’Ŗ
10 squats with butt taps - weight on your heels, drop your butt back and see if you can tap the chair gently
10 tricep chair dips - grip the front of the chair, legs in front of you. Dip your booty towards the floor using your arms to lower your weight slowly and then raise back up. The farther your feet are from the chair, the harder it will be
10 cross mountain climbers (each leg) - plank position with your hands on the chair. Bring right knee towards the outside of your left elbow, back to plank and switch sides. 
10 crab booty taps - both feet on the chair, hands behind you. Lift your butt up and then tap it on the floor gently

Now....repeat with 9 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps....all the way down to 1 rep each exercise. Don't worry, after 5 it goes by sooooo quick.