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After I had my daughter in 2013, I did not simply lose my baby weight by breastfeeding, as a part of me had hoped. I was heavier than I had ever been and something needed to change. I was running regularly but my body needed something else to kickstart weight loss.  When Adelyn was 9 months I joined a mom's workout group in Chico that transformed my fitness. I was motivated by the aspect of socializing with other moms and loved getting my butt kicked. The pounds started shedding off. I have lost 50 lbs since my postpartum months and I am physically stronger than I have ever been.

When my husband and I decided to move back to our hometown I immediately began planning a way to bring this idea to Quincy. I started Mountain Mamas in June 2015 with outdoor workouts in the summer and indoor workouts during the cold months. 

I am a NASM Women's Fitness Specialist and a certified Yoga Instructor. My workouts combine cardio, strength and endurance training, pilates and yoga for a dynamic all body workout. I incorporate kid's songs and books to keep them entertained as well. My classes can accommodate any fitness level.  I am trained in prenatal fitness and pregnant mamas are welcome to join. Moms must wait six weeks postpartum (eight weeks for c-sections) before attending classes.

I have since moved my family to Tahoe, however Mountain Mamas is still going! Email me at coral@coraldunbar.com if you'd like to be connected with these ladies.

Do i need to bring my kids?

Absolutely not!! The workouts are designed to focus on the mamas, no kids needed. Finding childcare for a workout class is tricky and exercising on your own can be challenging. If you do bring your children, strollers are recommended for our longer runs. Older kids sometimes bring bikes.

The ability to workout while my children play with other children makes my heart sing. I enjoy being able to connect with other mamas. The daily prompting question brings me out of my own parenting struggles and provides me with tips and resources. I love that my children can partake in the workouts with me and that we get to take home fun songs for physical activities to use later at home.
My body feels a good kind of sore after the workouts. I know that I have pushed myself to build muscle and burn fat. Mountain Mamas emotionally charges me! I feel good about my children having had social connections while taking care of myself.
— Helen

I noticed a huge change in myself mentally while I was going to mountain mamas! It was such a positive atmosphere, filled with moms who were just accepting and kind. It was very uplifting. I was pregnant most of the time I attended mountain mamas and because I was getting good exercise on a regular basis, that was my healthiest pregnancy of all 3!
— Jessica

What Our group offers

  • Weekly workouts
  • Family hikes  (weather permitting)
  • Monthly Mom's Night Outs

how do i join?

You can contact me or you can show up to one of our events. Locations found in our facebook group.
For workouts, bring water and a yoga mat or towel and running shoes. If you don't have a stroller there are plenty of storage spaces in one of ours.
Mountain Papas welcome to our events (besides Mom's Night Out!) and have been known to go on our family hikes. Hikes vary in difficulty so contact me for questions.

Mountain Mamas to me was wise. It was a group idea, where all moms at any stage of their motherhood could join. Whether it was you had been a mom for 2 days, 6 years, or 25 years, you would be welcomed. The motivation of having your littles with you while working out, having social time together, and pushing yourself in a workout, is a really great way to begin your day. I think, especially as new moms, it is important to be around other moms, because i found at that stage is when I had been most isolated. This group of ladies will become close friends to you and your little ones, and help you achieve your goals and get through the day stronger, more focused, and overall a bit happier. I strongly encourage you to try it out, even just one day a week, make yourself go just for fun and you truly will not regret it.
— Michelle
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