Every Dollar You Spend Casts a Vote


Every dollar you spend casts a vote

A vote that can be far more powerful than your presidential ballot

Here’s how my dollars will vote when I have the full financial liberty to spend them as so:

  • Local produce and meats when possible, otherwise 100% organic

  • Solar power

  • A vehicle that doesn’t rely on gas — probably a Tesla

  • A piece of property tucked in the mountains with a fully self sustainable, but also big and luxurious Earthship (google them!)

  • All of our household cleaners, beauty products, supplements and any other products from my friend’s mlm businesses — most of these brands are way higher quality and I’d rather feed the pockets of people I actually know

  • Donate a butt load of tax exempt dollars to charities and non-profits that I believe in

  • Eat only at mom & pop restaurants, coffee shops, etc

I’ve ALWAYS had a cynical outlook on the future of our planet.

The Earth as we know it, the nature, the accessibility to travel, to breathe clean air, drink clean water, is at such a critical point.

We ALL know it. Those of us that are conscious of it want more than anything to change it. Sometimes I really wonder why we keep bringing kids into a society that will probably collapse in their future.

I’ve never seen a way for me to make an impact on that outcome before, in a way that feels aligned with me and what I also want to create for my life for the time being.

After my work trip to Australia, it became epicly clear to me that the community that I’ve landed in isn’t scared to dream bigger than I’ve ever thought I could before.

I thought I joined a business opportunity,

but now I see that I joined a revolutionary movement

Financial liberation for anyone without enough drive, determination, openness and resolve to get there

Earlier this week my business partner sent me an audio about her clarity from our trip, that we get to vote with our dollars, and when we open the door for enough of us conscious, heart centered people to make a butt load of money…

That’s the grassroots way to change the trajectory of our future.

Imagine if enough of us could stop buying fossil fuels — the options are always out there, they just feel financially out of reach right now

Imagine if we all could stop buying produce laden with pesticides that are poisoning the planet…

Yeah…big dreams Coral

But for the FIRST TIME EVER, I have clarity on my part on this.

Distribute the abundance of cash in this world to the leaders, the influencers, the people who are ready to make a stand.

So, how will you vote with your dollars?? What would you choose to buy instead, if cost was no longer an issue?

Do you need clarity on an avenue that could create that financial liberty that you desire?? Reach out to me