Don’t label your life as “busy” unless you want a busy life


Everyone: “How are you, how’s life??”

The old me: “Oh, good, I’m just so busy I can barely catch my breath”

What I didn’t realize was that me saying that simply perpetuated my frustrations against not having ENOUGH TIME

I wasn’t focusing on the positive, on what was incredible about my life.

Do you feel like life is passing you by, while you are caught up in all the busy-work?

Is your life whizzing by you while you’re moving through the motions, keeping the house clean, laundry sorted, the kids fed, bills paid and leaving no time for your desires and self development?

This was me a few years ago, and one thing we know about the universe is that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, and thoughts become things.

We get to take radical responsibility of our actions.

If you say you’re always busy, you will always stay busy. It’s that simple.

We have control over how we spend our time and freedom to do what we please in this life.

Then I met a few mentors in my life that helped me zoom back from my frustration around having enough time.

I started rewiring my thoughts about time.

I started using simple hacks to get more focused and productive.

I turned into a minimalist to cut down on time spent on sorting and picking up clutter.

And I would love to share what I’ve learned with you.

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Do you relate?