We begin in:

Have you…

  • Tried many diets, but always felt deprived and uphappy and struggled to keep the weight off?

  • Been dependent on a constant stream of caffeine, sugar and carbs just to barely get through the day?

  • Tried to quit sugar multiple times, but always found yourself crawling back to the cookie jar?

  • Been self-conscious of the example you are setting for your children by having so many unhealthy treats in the house?


  • Having natural energy that sustains your and keeps you sharp, focused, and  productive, throughout the entire day (warning: you might get so much done that you have time for yourself at the end of the day)

  • Feeling empowered as your pants fit looser and looser, until you have to buy a smaller pair! (This was a real "problem" that Carolina faced during our last program)

  • Watching your kids gravitate towards fruit instead of candy (without you bribing them)

  • Being in complete control of your cravings and avoiding all of the terrible health effects that sugar can cause (example: diabetes, obesity, and even cancer).

  • P.s. This detox does not mean you can never have your favorite treats again, nor will I ask you to give them up cold turkey. This is just a way to reset your system so that you can enjoy those treats without sacrificing your health and move forward with a sustainable lifestyle that involves you having the power over what sugar and empty carbs you consume.

I’m Coral Dunbar, a fitness + wellness coach for women. I am a Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Yoga instructor.  I empower women to prioritize nourishing food, fitness and self care so that they can show up centered and present in all parts of their lives.

After I had my daughter, I honestly thought the pregnancy pounds would shed away from breastfeeding. I ended up gaining weight instead from my horrible eating habits spurred by ravaging breastfeeding hungers. My 5’6” body was packing around 180 pounds. I was craving sugar and salty snacks like crazy and eating whatever I could get my hands on. I clearly remember looking down at my body, being disgusted by how I looked and sad that even though my daughter was six months old, I still couldn't see my toes. I remember never wanting to go without a bra, even around the house, because I couldn't stand how big and uncomfortable my boobs were. I thought that my tummy would never look like it did pre-pregnancy.

My wedding was approaching and so I decided I needed to take real action and to again detox my body from sugar. I also upped my water intake dramatically to flush out the built up toxins and attended a mom’s workout group where we focused on high intensity interval training. Even though I felt like a whale attempting burpees, I stuck with it and saw a huge change in my strength and stamina. Having a workout group kept me accountable and I was able to lose 20 lbs by my wedding and another 30 pounds since then. I have since started a workout group of my own and an online health coaching business in order to help other moms lose their pregnancy weight, gain strength and energy and take control of their nutrition.

The story with sugar doesn’t end there. My daughter has experienced gut health issues due to antibiotics given to her at birth. This process has been the catalyst for me to dig deep into the vital role our digestive tracts play in our health. An overgrowth of harmful bacteria in our gut has been linked to chronic disease, low energy levels, inability to lose weight/bloating among others. Sugar, empty carbs and alcohol are the main sources of food for harmful bacteria. Our guts are directly linked to our brains via neurotransmitters. When we have an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, our guts transmit signals to our brains to eat more sugar and carbs, which we notice as cravings. When we starve out that bacteria by cutting down our sugar intake and introducing beneficial bacteria, we see improvements in all aspects of our health.

Here's what some had to say after our last 6 week Sugar Detox program:

"I highly recommend signing up for Coral’s 6 week sugar detox program. It has truly been a life changing experience for me and I am extremely grateful for that. My biggest drive to sign up was the weight loss. I had given birth to my first child 7 months before and I was carrying my pregnancy weight. I had a high sugar/carb diet and I was just very unhappy about the way I looked. During the 6 weeks I was able to lose about 12 pounds and about 3 inches around my waist. But it didn’t stop there. Coral, gave me the tools necessary to continue towards a healthier lifestyle, and now 3 weeks after the challenge, I have managed to lose an additional 7 pounds. I’m now slimmer than I’ve been in years. I feel great and I’m very happy about the weight loss results. But I’m mostly impressed by what an immense impact Coral’s program did for me as an overall life improvement. After finishing the 6 week sugar detox’s program, I have been able to stop many bad habits and at the same time, created many great ones. To name a few, I’m drinking more water, exercising regularly, eating much healthier, buying better groceries, meditating, sleeping more hours, pampering myself, and being more grateful person in general. Even though I signed up for a detox from sugar program, I gained so much more from this. I guess I didn’t realized that a health coach can touch on so many important aspects of life, which are in fact truly important to our health. I can see that my whole mindset about healthy living has broadened and improved.

Before signing up, I knew that I wanted to lose weight, but I realized that I needed support and accountability to stay on track. The fact that Coral had struggled with baby weight at some point, I knew that she could relate and guide me towards reaching my goal. And from being classmates in college, I had also great respect and confidence on Coral’s ability to get things done, so I knew she was perfect for this. And I was right. Coral’s passion for this subject and sincere willingness to help, she was able to support a wide range of people coming from different realities within our group. I found that, this program is relevant to pretty much anybody. Many of us struggle with sugar addiction and I swear, after completing this challenge, my cravings have gone away… Invest in your health! You won’t regret it."

"I've been wanting to shed a few pounds for years, I finally believed in myself that I could do it. This program really helped me see what I was doing wrong and helped me really commit to a plan. What you put in your mouth weighs so much more than exercise (not that exercise isn't important), but I didn't realize that. I'm down 12 pounds since starting and I'm easily holding there by continuing to watch what I eat, drink enough water and move my body on daily walks.

I still don't eat sweets, I had a small piece of cake at a birthday party and it kind of made me sick. My body just doesn't need that stuff anymore. I drink more water now daily than I used to. My legs don't get cramped anymore! I was have problems with cramping in my legs especially when I worked a night shift. I just thought I was on my feet too much, but that wasn't always the case. I would lay with my legs up the wall to get reverse blood flow. Anyway, I haven't had ANY cramping since detoxing off of sugar. It was all just inflammation in my body!

I also really appreciated knowing about the meditation app. I use it several times a week. It's just what I need to zone-out, or should I say zone-in! Thanks for everything Coral! Best $300 bucks I ever spent ;-)"

""This program changed my awareness of eating habits, weight exercise routine. My gut health has improved and results of my blood test were astonishing. My Comprehensive Blood Panel proved to be its best in years with much improvement and in normal range."

Introducing… Sugar Detox Bootcamp, an online 6 week group program including:

  • an understanding of the science behind how your body metabolizes sugar
  • a real grasp on how to maintain balance in your blood sugar
  • sugar swaps
  • meal suggestions
  • how to drastically improve your gut health
  • craving hacks
  • accountability buddies
  • virtual workouts
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • yoga/meditation tools
  • online support community
  • 21 day no sugar group challenge (with option to bet $ on yourself and win!)
  • Bonus: throughout the program, you will get to schedule two private 20-minute coaching calls with Coral to set goals and track progress - only available to the first 5 members
  • Bonus: Reverse tooth decay naturally: stop and reverse the progression of dental cavities in children through diet and consistent dental hygiene 

The cart closesS Sunday, Jan 14th at 10pm PT!

In 6 weeks we will gently remove refined sugar and empty carbs from our daily eating habits while nourishing our body with healthy alternatives, lock down a workout regimen and increase our fluid intake so that we can flush out all that excess holiday sugar!

This is the program for you if you strongly desire to change your eating habits, gain energy, lose weight and have a virtual community to hold you accountable. I am not suggesting to never eat refined sugar again, but rather to dig deeper into how sugar affects your body and mind and how to be in control of your consumption.


So what can you expect from the Spring clean sugar detox?


Week 1: The science behind sugar + Leveling our blood sugar

  • In this week we will explore the digestive process of sugar and how it affects our gut health, dopamine levels, energy levels, fat storage, and insulin production. We will dive deep in the science behind cravings and how to combat them. I will arm you with tools to balance our blood sugar levels and the most important info to look at in nutrition labels to lose and maintain weight (hint: it’s NOT number of calories). We will also dig deep into the negative health effects associated with sugar and junk food addiction.
  • We will use habit tracking to up your fluid intake and incorporate your exercise regimen. These two aspects aid us in flushing out toxins from sugar overload and will kickstart weight loss immediately. We will not cut out all sugar cold turkey, as this can cause flu like symptoms and uncontrollable cravings. However, we will be drastically reducing our sugar intake each week until we can be completely refined sugar free in the last few weeks of the program.

    *I will recommend scheduling one of your private 20-minute coaching session calls with Coral within the first two weeks to clarify your goal setting (2 calls total)



This week we will dive into what food items are good carbohydrates and fats and what foods aren’t. We will clear any confusion you may have about what to look for on a nutrition label regarding fats. We will dig deeper into balancing your meals with healthy fats, protein and fiber.  We check in with food cravings and make a clear action plan on how to curb those cravings and what sweets you can have to satisfy your cravings without skyrocketing your blood sugar levels. We will also be looking at ways to nourish beneficial bacteria in our gut and stop cravings in their tracks by upping our probiotics and fermented foods and how to build those into our diet.


Week 3: Making the most of your workouts/yoga + Mindset strategies


In this week, we will explore the most effective workout strategies to shed pounds, gain energy and further cut down cravings. We will explore how to maintain motivation, have consistent workouts and the role exercise has in cravings and blood sugar levels.  I will share with you mindset and meditation strategies that help me stay on track. We will be gearing up for our 21 day no sugar/alcohol (+ 1 elective) bet.



This week I will share my knowledge of how to heal and seal the lining of our gut (this involves more than just taking probiotics). We will also discuss my tricks to incorporate healthy foods into your lifestyle without having to carve hours out of each day. We will dive into what types of food will keep you feeling fulfilled and fueled throughout the day. We will also explore how to set boundaries for yourself and what to think about when you go out to eat. At this point, we will have weaned ourselves off of sugar enough to truly feel the empowering effects of temporarily cutting sugar out of your diet. I will hold a 21 day group challenge with no sugar + alcohol + 1 elective (you choose: cut out gluten, dairy, pesticides, caffeine, or another food group that you want to know how your body reacts to). To further kickstart your motivation, you will have the option of betting $25 on yourself to succeed. Everyone that successfully completes the challenge will split the group pot of money.



In this week, we will explore the role sleep has to play in weight loss and cravings and tricks to help with falling asleep. We discuss how sleep affects our gut health and weight loss and what actions you can take when you are constantly short on sleep. We dive into the effects on our bodies from our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. We will also talk about how we commonly use food as a personal reward system as well as a way to celebrate big events in our lives.



How can you take the tools and knowledge you’ve learned in our program into your everyday lifestyle? It’s not sustainable for us to avoid sugar every day for the rest of our lives, so how do we find comfort in moderation? We will also dive into simple ways to detox our bodies and how to break through to the other side of weight loss plateaus

In addition to these weekly themes, we will have weekly coaching calls (you will vote for a time that works best for you), weekly “sweet treat” workouts, intermittent yoga and meditation videos, worksheets and audiofiles. We will have an exclusive facebook group where any and all of your questions can be answered and you can connect with others about any struggles you may have with cutting down sugar, exercising and meal planning. You will also be assigned an accountability partner to reach out to help keep each other on track. I am determined to see you succeed through this challenging endeavor and I have incorporated everything needed in this program so that nobody gets left behind.



The price of the 6 week program will be:

One payment of $347


Three payments of $127

If this struck you as a lot of money consider these three things. 

a- I will be reaching out to you to keep you on track with my system so that you can see the results that you need and truly desire.  I will be spending time and energy finding out YOUR goals as my client and helping you achieve them. This money is not going towards supplements that make you dependent on their use to lose weight or self study programs that you may or not use. You will be held accountable for working towards your goals in this group and you will have a community to look towards for support.  

b- when you invest financially in a program with life changing content and support from a coach, it is a motivator for you to reach your goals.  In the past, when I have spent $40 on a gym membership, I made no drastic life changes. When I spent a few hundreds of dollars on a coaching program, I did what it took to change my life patterns. What was the difference between the two scenarios? Individual support, accountability, and my skin in the game.

c-$397 for the 6 weeks breaks down to $57/week, which you can easily spend on a meal out for two or a bar tab, or $8/day, which is the price of a Starbucks latte and pastry. For $8 a day you can see results such as weight loss, massive energy gain, cleared brain fog, thriving gut flora and your body running at on optimized level. I'd say that's money better spent than eating out or buying Starbucks every day. What do you have to lose (besides your sugar cravings)?

My biggest insight was finally acknowledging how much sugar I was consuming through various outlets and how I substituted it for actual meals. If I could have treats while still getting the fiber and important nutrients, my sugar intake would be much more manageable.

I have been spending more time on other projects I’ve wanted to get done— maybe I’m more clear headed and less foggy by cutting sugar? Also from struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, I noticed joints that usually always feel kind of stiff feel much more fluid and my overall body does feel better. I think day 2 I was irritable from not having any sugar and also had a slight headache by the end of day 2/day 3. Last night— none!
My biggest insight is how much we consume as Americans with sugar. I watched Fed Up and just amazed how we aren’t set up with success in food stores and schools for a healthy lifestyle. It made me look at my daughters breakfast in a whole different light! I’m basically giving her bowls of sugar for her morning routine!!


Why is now the time for you to do this program?

When we consistently consume sugar and empty carbs we develop an overgrowth of bacteria in our gut that is literally hijacking our brains into cravings more and more sugar and carbs. When we consume excess sugar, our body has no place to store the energy and our liver quickly converts the sugars to fat cells. End this cycle now by starving out that bacteria, introducing beneficial bacteria and witnessing a whole slough of health benefits including natural energy, weight loss, a more efficient metabolism and healthier stools.  

A junk food/sugar addiction is a lot more like a drug addiction than researchers had previously thought. Sugar is 8 times more chemically addicting than cocaine. On our own, we can do research and arm ourselves with the knowledge of WHY sugar is bad. We can tell ourselves that we need to cut down our intake. Maybe you've even tried to cut out sugar before, but not made it past the crazy cravings stages (that was your bad gut bacteria hijacking you!). Taking the steps to actually take the reigns on our sugar and junk food addictions takes real action and responsibility. That is what this program will provide for you. 

Here's a few health reasons to lower your sugar intake:

  • When people eat a lot of sugar, it can cause resistance to the hormone insulin, which can contribute to many diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes

  • Many scientists believe that having constantly elevated insulin levels (a consequence of sugar consumption) can contribute to cancer - insulin is one of the key hormones in regulating cancer cell growth

  • More and more new research is showing us that it ain't the fat - it's the sugar that raises cholesterol and causes heart disease

  • Sugar is also very bad for the teeth, because it provides easily digestible energy for the bad bacteria in the mouth

  • There are no proteins, essential fats, vitamins or minerals in sugar… just pure energy that our body needs find a place to store

This program is not intended to cure or diagnose any illness or disease.  For medical advice please consult with your physician before participating in this challenge.



How many hours a week do I need to spend on this program?

This is flexible and entirely up to you. I know that most of us have packed schedules as little time to spare. However, you wouldn't have read this far if your own health and self care don't need to become a priority for you. Each week I would set aside one hour for our group coaching calls (you will vote on a time that works for you), 1-2 hours for learning content/homework assignments, 1-2 hrs for meal prep and then time for a workout routine - which you can do with your kids and can either use my ideas or a routine that you already have in place. If you want to really dive deep, more time can be spent on the subjects each week. The content will be available to you for life.

I'm not a mom, can I still participate?      

Yes, definitely! As long as you don't mind doing a few silly (and ass kicking) workouts to kids songs and hearing tips about feeding our kids and family well, I would love to have you! This program is based around self care, weight loss and eating habits and can be used by anyone.

What is a health/wellness coach and how do they differ from a personal trainer?

Health coaching is a process that encourages sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to achieve their desires by identifying their values, offering a valuable perspective and transforming their goals into action. While I am also a certified personal trainer, most of that training focused on the structuring workout regimens and the food you eat but did not touch on emotional support and relationships with your clients. While health coaching addresses these things as well, it focuses on how to change your lifestyle patterns by having the support and specific tools needed to facilitate and follow through with that change. Goal setting and how to change your mindset are important factors in coaching. Coaches can offer group programs or be hired 1-1 to aid you in very specific issues in your life that range anywhere from emotional eating to support with autoimmune diseases to weight loss coaches. There are also life coaches, sex and relationship coaches, business strategist coaches and more. Honestly, there's no way I have launched my online business without my business stategist coach, Yuliya. There is something invaluable about having someone to bounce ideas/problems off of and look to for advice in a part of your life that you need help in.

I am launching this health coaching business as an entrepreneurial dream of bringing my fitness, yoga and nutrition knowledge to a much wider audience than my tiny mountain town of Quincy, Ca. In all honesty, I'm a total nerd (anyone that went to high school/college with me knows this). In the last few years I've spent much of my free timing learning and researching everything about being a mom. It was like my grizzly mama bear came out of me and said, you will research everything there is to know about protecting your daughter from cancer, autoimmune diseases and other common modern day diseases. I am very careful about what we put into our bodies. I also have doven deep into my own health by becoming physically stronger and fitter than I have ever been and working on keeping my sanity and staying in the present moment despite all the trials and tribulations of motherhood. I haven't perfected that by any means. For reasons like that I have a desire to create a like minded community of mamas to lean on during the roller coaster of motherhood. I have been able to change my thought patterns for the better. I have valuable life hacks and am excited to share them with others. After this group program, I plan on taking 1-1 clients as well. 

I'm not ready to give up sugar, but I want to lose weight and feel better.

I am not suggesting that you give up sugar for good or even for this entire six weeks. I will be asking you to give up refined sugar for 21 days.  You will be amazed at how different you will feel after those three weeks and how much sweeter things taste to you once you eat them again. This is the most effective way that I've been able to lose weight, gain energy and feel in control of my food intake. 

Are you interested but still on the fence? Want to learn more about how the Sugar Detox Program will benefit your life and what it would involve? Book a 20 minute call with me to go over your questions to see if this program is a good fit for you.