Welcome! I'm here to move mountains in your life... If you are feeling pulled to working with me, have a look of what some of my clients have to say:

About my 6 week Sugar Detox Bootcamp:

"I highly recommend signing up for Coral’s 6 week sugar detox program. It has truly been a life changing experience for me and I am extremely grateful for that. My biggest drive to sign up was the weight loss. I had given birth to my first child 7 months before and I was carrying my pregnancy weight. I had a high sugar/carb diet and I was just very unhappy about the way I looked. During the 6 weeks I was able to lose about 12 pounds and about 3 inches around my waist. But it didn’t stop there. Coral, gave me the tools necessary to continue towards a healthier lifestyle, and now 3 weeks after the challenge, I have managed to lose an additional 7 pounds. I’m now slimmer than I’ve been in years. I feel great and I’m very happy about the weight loss results. But I’m mostly impressed by what an immense impact Coral’s program did for me as an overall life improvement. After finishing the 6 week sugar detox’s program, I have been able to stop many bad habits and at the same time, created many great ones. To name a few, I’m drinking more water, exercising regularly, eating much healthier, buying better groceries, meditating, sleeping more hours, pampering myself, and being more grateful person in general. Even though I signed up for a detox from sugar program, I gained so much more from this. I guess I didn’t realized that a health coach can touch on so many important aspects of life, which are in fact truly important to our health. I can see that my whole mindset about healthy living has broadened and improved.

Before signing up, I knew that I wanted to lose weight, but I realized that I needed support and accountability to stay on track. The fact that Coral had struggled with baby weight at some point, I knew that she could relate and guide me towards reaching my goal. And from being classmates in college, I had also great respect and confidence on Coral’s ability to get things done, so I knew she was perfect for this. And I was right. Coral’s passion for this subject and sincere willingness to help, she was able to support a wide range of people coming from different realities within our group. I found that, this program is relevant to pretty much anybody. Many of us struggle with sugar addiction and I swear, after completing this challenge, my cravings have gone away… Invest in your health! You won’t regret it." -Carolina Aranda


"I've been wanting to shed a few pounds for years, I finally believed in myself that I could do it. This program really helped me see what I was doing wrong and helped me really commit to a plan. What you put in your mouth weighs so much more than exercise (not that exercise isn't important), but I didn't realize that. I'm down 12 pounds since starting and I'm easily holding there by continuing to watch what I eat, drink enough water and move my body on daily walks.

I still don't eat sweets, I had a small piece of cake at a birthday party and it kind of made me sick. My body just doesn't need that stuff anymore. I drink more water now daily than I used to. My legs don't get cramped anymore! I was have problems with cramping in my legs especially when I worked a night shift. I just thought I was on my feet too much, but that wasn't always the case. I would lay with my legs up the wall to get reverse blood flow. Anyway, I haven't had ANY cramping since detoxing off of sugar. It was all just inflammation in my body!

I also really appreciated knowing about the meditation app. I use it several times a week. It's just what I need to zone-out, or should I say zone-in! Thanks for everything Coral! Best $300 bucks I ever spent ;-)" - Danielle Wagner



About my 30 Days to a Happy Gut program:

[My biggest insight for this course was] the whole metaphor of your gut as a garden, and how to starve out the "weeds" before planting the right kind of things. Probiotics versus prebiotics, lectins, anti-inflammatory foods. There is such a wealth of knowledge here that I feel I am only scraping the surface and will return to the information for inspiration when I am feeling stuck. If you are on the fence about this program, invest in yourself. You are worth it.The focus on this course is truly on health rather than some gimmick or fad diet/product or strenuous workout routine. - Brenda Lory


There's no better time than now to learn more about healthy living and to make a change to improve your own mind, body and state of being.  I've never done any other coaching in the past but I appreciated Coral's soft touch where she encouraged us to reach out goals but also allowed for some cheats and shared her own experience going through the process right along with us.

I have noticed less of an attraction toward bread and pasta which is surprising because I love that stuff but I'm less drawn to it now. - Vanessa Orey

The cravings prior to the group were causing me to keep sabatoging my clean eating attempts but I didn’t realize that. I highly recommend joining this program because it gives you accountability and rejuvinated my enthusiasm!
I like that it wasn’t so strict and I am much happier now! - Terrah Tillman

"After taking a gut health course with Coral shortly after having my baby I learned new ways to feel healthy with diet and exercise and incorporate these things into daily life for my children as well.  I wanted to get my newborns gut health in pristine condition since my other son still has such awful digestion issues.  I still use the information she shared with us daily, staying away from the foods that really are harmful to our bodies.  Taking courses with Coral is fun and easy and feels like talking to an old friend about progress and questions.  The best thing is that she has been through all of it herself. Its not someone who is telling you how to better yourself without ever having a struggle of their own, she understands.  Seeing her own progress really puts it all into perspective!  Thanks for such an informative class!" - Melissa Carter

About my Chaos to Clarity Mastermind:

 "I just wanted to say Thank YOU! I really enjoyed the course and I encourage you to do more like that. Id sign up for workshops again for sure. I loved that it was on my own time and that there was journaling and videos to guide me. I loved the meditations after too. It was a great flow and amount of time for each module. I've struggled with self care and toxic thoughts and this program helped me get self care as more of a habit and to recognize my toxic thought patterns and think about how to change and put it into action. I loved module 3 where we crossed off limiting beliefs. It's powerful to see those beliefs and then see them replaced with something empowering." - Jen Ready

"A big insight that I was was able to reconnect with during this group seems so obvious; I have the power to create my reality... I had lost that insight somewhere along the way. I haven't experienced any programs like this. I really loved the guided meditations and yoga. " - Sarah Terman

"I joined this program knowing that my life was paralleling that journey from chaos to simplicity and clarity. I like that you offer tools- mindset, visualization, meditation- Often living in a chaotic life can be overwhelming and tools can be so helpful. I love that these techniques keep in mind the varying learning styles of your clientele." - Janet Rudholm

About my Free 5 day Sugar Detox challenges:

"I have cut my sugar at least by 50% a day and I haven't been losing that much weight but I am two pants sizes down (this was 1 month after the challenge). And honestly it's because of you. Your motivation and having the other woman as motivation. So I want to say thank you! I'm choosing healthier choices everyday 💜" -Brittany Henderson

"This morning I didn't have any honey for my coffee so I used sugar...way too sweet. I didn't know how used to sugar I had become. I've been putting sugar in my coffee for 10 years!" -Amber Houston

"From January 7th I was 176 pounds. Jan 11th 174 lbs. Today (Jan 20) I weigh 166-167 pounds. My sissy is the only one I told she happened to come in the store and she gave me this look like WOW. It made me feel great. So your program and support does work. Along with exercising and info. Thank you so much Coral. I will take what I have learned into daily living." -Lisa Fitzgerald


About my Mountain Mamas program:

“The ability to workout while my children play with other children makes my heart sing. I enjoy being able to connect with other mamas. The daily prompting question brings me out of my own parenting struggles and provides me with tips and resources. I love that my children can partake in the workouts with me and that we get to take home fun songs for physical activities to use later at home.
My body feels a good kind of sore after the workouts. I know that I have pushed myself to build muscle and burn fat. Mountain Mamas emotionally charges me! I feel good about my children having had social connections while taking care of myself." Helen Turner