Coral’s newest free 5 day challenge:


do you desire more out of your days?

Do you feel frustrated at your lack of time to finish your to do list?

A few years ago, I remember sitting in a pile of tears one night, because I was just so MAD at time.

I never had enough time. Time was always fleeting. I couldn’t make an dent in my to do list.

There wasn’t enough hours in the day to do what I needed to do.

It wasn’t until a few mentors in my life started showing me that my THOUGHTS around time were perpetuating my issue. And than taking a full look at what I spent my time on and little tweaks that I could use to get more out of my day.

There’s a science behind how productive we can be in our life, and I am sharing with you micro-steps that I took to heal my relationship around time and get MORE out of your life.

I will be hopping on a livestream in my facebook group every day of this challenge to share actions to take to boost your productivity levels and unlock more time in your day.

We kick off on Monday, Oct 8th

Every day of the challenge, I will be presenting you with a simple trick you can use to get MORE out of you day and enhance your productivity. 

Themes for each day: 

Day 1: How the brain works + utilitizing the Pomodoro method

Day 2: Take a step back and look at your time spent, how can you rearrange to optimize your time spent

Day 3: Scarcity mindset around time and how to use empowering beliefs

Day 4: Efficient to-do lists and how to Trello

Day 5: How becoming a minimalist saved me SO MUCH TIME

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