What you need to know about gut health and weight loss...

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We will happily sit in complacent discomfort and frustration with our body until something forces us out of it.... 

Have you

  • felt like everything you do to get healthy and lose weight ends up fizzling out quickly
  • known that you need to tackle your health on a deeper level, but don't know where to start
  • can't seem to motivate yourself to exercise regularly
  • don't know how to nourish your body (or your kid's bodies) in a sustainable manner
  • seen your kids only gravitating towards sweets and unhealthy foods and want to know how to change that

It might not be your fault. You see, our gut bacteria dictate our thought patterns in ways that we did not even know until recently...

willpower has nothing on straight up chemistry

It takes GUTS to get healthy... you need the motivation & a symbiotic gut to see lasting changes


Here is some tough love right here...

Committing to doing what it takes to get the body you want takes true motivation, it takes guts to not let anything knock you back into your old habits.

If your body isn't at it's optimal health, you might not want it bad enough. And here's what may trigger you: YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE ENOUGH GUTS TO COMMIT TO THE WORK. But that also might not be your fault.

The bacteria in your gut dictate your mental health, thought patterns, cravings, motivation and can keep us stuck in horrible patterns until we can cultivate symbiotic gut health. Dysbiosis in our gut manifests as a lot more than just indigestion. It is often the root cause of depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, allergies and more.

“the more healthy bacteria you have in your gut, the less belly fat your body carries around!  - The Scientific American

There is a direct correlation between a diverse microbiome and visceral fat. I noticed this myself when I thought it would be impossible for me to lose my last 10 lbs of baby fat that had been hanging around for a couple years. I was in killer shape and eating pretty well, but it wasn't until I started introducing fermented foods and collagen into my diet that those last stubborn pounds melted off...

If you are in constant brain fog, have anxiety, depression and/or excess body fat, chances are you need better guts.

Gut health is at the root of healthy change on physical and emotional levels.


If you can’t motivate yourself or keep yourself on a healthy track, chances are the bad bacteria in your gut are stopping you from getting there.

This program isn’t just about just losing weight. You could be someone who’s skinny fat, and your body isn't happy on the inside. You can be what society (and maybe even your doctor) considers “overweight” but be fit and rocking inside and out. We can’t all fit in the same box, but you know deep down whether you're at your optimal health or not.

So rather than saying  you might not have enough guts to commit to the work, I'll reword myself to say that you might not have the right guts to commit to the work. More specifically, you don't have a flourishing garden of healthy gut bacteria.

It takes much more than just a probiotic supplement to rebuild gut health...it takes a short-term gut health protocol

This isn't to say that your motivation and drive don't have a role to play in this as well. When we couple accountability, mindset work and exercise along with a gut healing protocol, we start to see REAL RESULTs.


My 30 Days to a Happy Gut program has got your covered on all of these fronts! Learn  more about the program here.