Why my second baby is a dream when compared to the first...

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I'll start this out by saying this is anecdotal, but here is my experience (and I've found quite a few other moms who claim the same)


Addi was 100 times fussier than Paxton as a baby. I could tell her tummy hurt her a lot, which is what is the cause of most fussiness and colic in newborns. She was a c-section, so she did not get a dose of my flora through the vaginal canal (something I knew nothing about at the time). She also was on IV antibiotics for the first 6 days of her life, which I've been told by many professionals may be why she was labelled "failure to thrive" and why her tummy still hurts her often.


I also ate like crap when I was pregnant with her. I craved sour gummy worms, ice cream, chips, pasta, etc and did not limit any of my sweets or junk food. I wasn't taking probiotics, I didn't eat fermented foods or make sure I had a lot of collagen in my diet.


When I got pregnant with Paxton, I was very educated on the importance of gut health and I was determined to set him off with a better start. I limited my sugar intake a lot (I actually was in the middle of one of my sugar detox programs when I got pregnant).


I ate a huge variety of fermented foods. I incorporated bone broth and collagen into my diet and stayed away (as much as I could) from rancid vegetable oils. It wasn't easy, but I wanted to set him off on the right foot.


Paxton was also a c-section, but this time I was educated and prepared. He also was on antibiotics (for just one day) after birth.


When babies pass through the vaginal canal, they are innoculated with all of moms gut bacteria (the microbes literally travel into the canal during the third trimester to prepare for this). If they are delivered via c-section, they are not given this opportunity. What you can do about it is use gauze to soak up the vaginal fluids and then wipe the baby's face with this right after birth...(sorry if this is TMI, but you're the one that kept reading!) I did this with Paxton directly after birth, and then directly after his one dose of antibiotics.


I also upped my fermented foods, collagen and probiotics after his birth, so that he would get it through my breastmilk. I also bought him infant probiotics.


The difference was unmistakable. He was the happiest newborn most people had ever seen. He has slept amazing since birth, he didn’t have the fussy “witching hour” every night, he just snuggled and chilled as a newborn. Everyone who has met him as a tiny infant has been blown away by how chill and easy he is.


He also gains weight beautifully, which is quite the opposite of Adelyn. Yes, some of these differences could just be chance, but if a baby’s tummy is happy, baby is much happier too.


What you eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding is pivotal. Most people tell you, oh just give in to your junk food cravings, you can lose the baby weight later. It’s not about the weight gain, it’s about setting them up for success.


Also, just taking probiotics is not the path to good gut health. Most probiotics either get killed off by stomach acid or don’t have a place to root themselves in your digestive tract and you just poop them out. It takes more of a process to weed out the bad bacteria, thicken the mucus layer of your gut and then plant as many different types of good microbes in your digestive tract as possible.


If you’re interested in learning more about this process, whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, want to help your older kids with this or just want to revamp your own gut health, check this out!